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FOX News
Mar 6, 2013 2:00am PST
is okay. >> san francisco bay bridge lighting up the night sky with the magical sky. 20,000 white led lights lighting the tables it marks the bridge's 7 59 anniversary. the light show debuted last night and will be up for two years. that's your 5@5:30. >> time now to entertain this. it is up to america and you to decide who the country's rising stars will be. american idol top 20 contestants performing this week. first up the ladies. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tonight the men will sing. the ten finalists will be announced tomorrow. award season is net yet over. mtv announced the movie award nominations last night. silver lining play book had 6. the award show airs on april 14. the 23-year-old insists she is not clingy and desperate girlfriend. she only dated two people since 2010 who went on to defend her music and why the female voice should be celebrated not criticized. >> okay. now it is time for your starting lineup. the top sports stories of the morning. >> it is the second coming or is it the second coming of tim tebow. there is a chance that he could start at quarterback. there have been m
FOX News
Mar 26, 2013 2:00am PDT
large rally in san francisco but it could effect 39 other states as well. they will argue this is in part a state issue. >> will rights of millions and millions of americans deserve to have the votes respected. >> but there has also been a public shift on gay marriage in recent years. most polls show supporters out number opponents. they consider a federal ban on gay marriage recognition the defense of marriage act. >>> there are a lot of bread and butter rights and privileges that come with marriage which is why there are so many advantages to being married which is why same sex couples are looking for it. >> even though the defense of marriage act they have refused to defend it in court we respect the court's decision on these cases to come down in june. heather? >> doug luzader live for us in washington. thank you. >>> now to other headlines for you this morning. fox news confirmed the u.s. is in fact training syrian fighters. military forces say the training has been going on in jordan for the past year to help bolster forces battling assyrian president bish char al-assad. they a
FOX News
Mar 21, 2013 2:00am PDT
. first on this day in history back in 1963 alcatraz prison in san francisco bay closed down. ♪ [ construction sounds ] ♪ [ watch ticking ] [ engine revs ] come in. ♪ got the coffee. that was fast. we're outta here. ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it. >> good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends first". i am heather nauert. >> i am heather cheryleds. it is half past the top of the hour. let's get to a fox news alert. president obama arriving in ramallah to meet with president mahmoud abbas after israel was hit by rockettes fired gaza militants yesterday. peter doocy is covering this story in washington. he's live with us. >> the only official comment we have about the rocket attacks is coming from an israeli police
FOX News
Mar 20, 2013 2:00am PDT
some of you. otherwise again a new storm impacting parts of the west. we have areas of rain across san francisco and higher snow in washington northern cascades. patti ann another storm impacting parts of texas and louisiana with heavy thunderstorms this morning. >> oh, boy. maria molina. thanks. >> thanks. we are less than an hour away from president obama's arrival in israel for a long-awaited visit. he hasn't been there since 2008 when he was running for president. leland vitter is live in jerusalem with the latest. good morning. >> good morning patty ann a beautiful day for the president to arrive. he is going to head to jerusalem and the west bank. he has his work cut out for him. maybe head to go a friendly country. not a lot of love lost between the israel lie prime minister and president obama to hz a notoriously icy even fridge i had relationship. after the smiles and photo opes will be the conversation of iran, iran, iran. they will try to express some kind of promise where they won't allow iran to get nuclear weapons. he will try to push the israeli as little bit on the issu
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4